Day 2

100 Days of SwiftUI

I made it two days. 😀 Not quite to making it a habit.

Today it the lesson was all about complex data types. This is review for me so far but it has been good to take a little bit of time to make sure I understand the fundementals. One thing I did learn was how to provide a default value for dictionaries. I can not remember a time I had to use this or if I did need it I did not realize I could have used default value.

let favoriteColor = [
    "Hannah": "pink",
    "Emmalynne": "purple",
    "Royce": "blue"

favoriteColor["Dad", default:  "Unknown"]

The tests that Paul Hudson provides are great to help renforce the learning for the day. I will watch the videos, read the lessons and play with the code in Playgrounds. Later in the day, I will take the tests to ensure that I understand the content.